Reiten gegen Krebs - eine von Mika Thalén ins Leben gerufene Aktion im Kampf gegen den Krebs.

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Ride Against Cancer

We Love Horses and We Love Life


Last year I suffered from breastcancer and had an operation done and following treatment.

I felt good both physically and mentally during the whole procedure - thanks to the HORSES.

I spent most of the time between treatments in the stable and riding.

Even started to compete which I never have done in my whole life.

If the horses could help Me through this they can help others.

That´s where the idea came from.

To unite all horse loving people to fight agains tcancer.



2017 I took it a bit further - now we are a small organisation.

We have together with ko-ko-no sthlm produced

the official RideAgainstCancer Pin and a pendant to put on the bridle.


Now we just want to spread the word and

unite all fantastic horse loving people of the whole world !

At the end WE WILL WIN !!!


Mika Thalén


Together we make a difference.

Let´s fight together - we and the horses.